How To Draw Crow Skull Kid

How To Draw Crow Skull Kid

Step one:

Then, sketch the outline of the creature. Draw it with a light touch.

Step two:

Begin with the top part of his head. Then draw the inner details later. The details are drawn using light line weights.

Step three:

Then, begin from the center feathers, and move around the head, using smaller feathers, as it spreads out towards the outside of the head.

Step four:

This may appear to be an unnatural step however, you must work between one end to another and finally sketch the torso portion of the body as a shirt.

Step five:

Next, using your guidelines Let’s begin drawing feet. This way, drawing your pants and legs is much more straightforward.

Step six:

After that, do a bit more work on your feet, and then focus on the legs and pants.

Step seven:

Fill in certain areas that are shadows.

Step eight:

Once you’ve completed each step, you’ll be able to see something like the picture below. You’re not a failure if you don’t achieve it the first time around, that’s why you need to work hard and do it consistently. Great job!

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