How to Draw Crossed Arms Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

If you’re doing a drawing exercise like this is important to draw the right lines of the muscles therefore we’ll concentrate on that in this section of our drawing instructional.

With the reference image we’ve provided to aid you, sketch a series of curves which join and intersect.

They may not appear as arms at this point, but as we join them in the following steps, you’ll notice how they all come together to create an arm diagonally!

Step 2. Draw the second arm
You will draw your arms crossed during this next step. This step can be useful to keep track of your drawing reference as you draw.

In the previous step you traced lines along the outside of your arm. Now, we’ll start by moving the arm inwards.

It is possible to extend a line by extending it from the top of the line you traced in the previous step. The line will be drawn at an acute angle so that it forms your left elbow.

Then, you can continue to add longer, curving lines to the elbow, and then above it to create the forearm on your left. If this sounds like a lot of work it’s best to refer to reference images to aid you in understanding the process!

Step 3. Draw the arm to the right side.
You’ve already drawn a great arm, now you are able to draw the perfect arm! In this section of our instructional guide on drawing diagonal arms, you’ll follow the steps you took in step 2 but mirror it.

The left arm will then go in front of the hand on the right. The hand on the arm will then slide under the left hand.

This may sound complicated, however it’s really not that hard after you know the steps!

Before you move on onto the next stage you can draw lines in the middle of the cross arm to mark the collarbone.

Step 4 – Add Your Drawing Input
The idea of having arms with no head is strange To avoid this you can include a head in the arms drawn in a cross-hatch!

In the beginning, you should create two horizontal lines to represent the neck where the head will have. You can then draw the head using an extremely thin oval. You can then draw ears both sides of your head.

The design of the head very simple, but you are able to modify it to be more appealing should you desire!

The cross-arms are still the main focus of this performance, however adding a few of your own.

Step 5. Now, you can finish the details of your drawing of arms
The fifth step in our guide instructions on drawing crossed arms guide will help you make a few final details that will complete the appearance of your muscles.

To accomplish this, you’ll be adding a variety of tiny curves across the arm, as you observe in our image of reference.

After you’ve completed these last details, make certain to include any additional accents or particulars which you’re looking for!

The face was made more detailed in the prior step. Now you can go higher by drawing a realistic face onto the face. You could even draw your personal face!

It is possible to draw additional features like a shirt over the body or cool background.

What are the steps to complete this sketch before coloring it?

Step 6 – Draw your arms crossed drawing using some color
If you’ve got your arms crossed and your arms crossed, it’s time to enjoy coloring your work!

The last stage is where you show off your talents.

There are a lot of options on the color you choose to use image, but we’ve only presented one of many options in the reference image.

To add a personal touch, make use of your preferred art materials to recreate your skin tone in this artwork!

It is also possible to adopt a more stylized approach and choose your favorite colors to stand this drawing out.

After you’ve selected the colors you’d like apply, you are able to play around with your favorite media for creating art.

The watercolor paints have a soft elegance to them, and are excellent for expressing skin tones. If you want a more bright, fashionable look, you can utilize crayons or acrylic paints to add a splash of colors!

What are you planning to use to make your drawing come to life in the use of color?

The cross-arm drawing is completed!
When you’ve got those final touches and color added You’ve completed the final portion of this tutorial on drawing arms!

We hope this guide helped you draw this subject not just simpler, but also enjoyable to complete!

After you’ve learned this lesson, you’ll be able to take it a step further by how to personalize your sketches.

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