How to draw Crocus Flower Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows


Let’s begin drawing your Crocus. The crocus’s petals are oval, with broad bases. Crocus flowers are small flowers. Draw multiple teardrops or ovals into the middle of your paper. There are between 5 and seven petals on a flower. Crocus flowers come with five petals or leaves. Each flower is teardrop-shaped or oval. This is a reference image to aid you in sketching the Crocus flower.

Step 2:
In the next step we will draw the tree’s trunk. The trunk is a crucial design. The stem is the source of all essential minerals required for the plant to thrive. Crocus plants are able to withstand an array of temperatures. It is even able to survive zones that have massive snow. Crocus flowers’ stems are straight. Therefore, draw the crocus flower stalk to get a full appearance.

Step 3:
The crocus flower is comprised of huge sword-like leaves at the bottom of the flower stem. These leaves have a green color with an inner midline vein. Medial veins inside the leaf are responsible for maintaining the health of the leaf by delivering nutrients to different areas within the leaf. The leaves are huge and sword-like.

Step 4:
In this next step, we’ll draw some foliage on the leaves of the flower. Leaves give the plants an attractive appearance. The leaves are green. Crocus flowers can be found in various colors, including dark purple, lilac, or white,.

Step 5:
The time has come to colour our crocus sketch. You can give your drawings a fresh style by coloring the flowers in with dark purple, yellow or white, and green leaves. I hope that your children enjoy this drawing and find it enjoyable.

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