How to Draw Cricket Bat Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

For the cricket bat’s paddle, draw a large rectangular, diagonal shape. Make the top of the shape a point by rounding the bottom. To serve as a guide, add a diagonal line to this shape’s top. This line should be topped with a small circle.

Step 2

Two parallel lines should be drawn around the grip guide to thinne the grip of the cricket bat. Two curve lines should be added to the top of the paddle for the cricket bat.

Step 3

To create wood grain, add diagonal lines to the paddle. To give the bat the appearance of duct tape, add horizontal lines to the grip.

Step 4

To create wood grain, thinn the grip of your cricket bat by drawing parallel lines along the left and right sides of the grip guide.

Step 5

The guide that holds the handle is to be removed. You may need to take out some duct tape drawings. Once you have cleared the guide, you can go back and redraw the missing elements.

Step 6

Use a black ink pen to ink the entire drawing. Allow the ink to dry for a while, then carefully erase any pencil lines.

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