How to Draw Creeper

In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show you the best way you can sketch Creeper in Minecraft. Creeper is one of the most well-known mobs in Minecraft.


Step 1

The first step is to draw two parallel shapes. It’s a square and a rectangle. Put these shapes over the sheet. Draw the lines using only any ruler.




Step 2

Create two additional shapes that have an adjacent side. Note that the sides adjacent to the figures in the two steps don’t coincide.




Step 3

This is the next step in our tutorial on drawing Creeper in Minecraft. Let’s draw a different shape that resembles the shape of a cube but without a lower face.




Step 4

If you’re drawing without a ruler, you can be sure you’re working hard to learn the art of drawing. You can add a few more straight lines and you’ll get something resembling legs.




Step 5

Let’s create something that looks like the face of a person. We create a pair of eyes that look like squares after which we draw a nose as well as a mouth. However, the entire lesson is a square.




Step 6

Create a small mesh at the lower part of the figure. It is possible to see the identical mesh on the back of the character. This could be the leg.





Step 7

This is a specific procedure that is designed so that you can verify the accuracy of the drawing as a whole and evaluate the individual elements. In this instance, the dimension of the figures, as well as the level in the line, are extremely crucial.




Step 8

Add colors. You’ve probably guessed that the most common colors of Creeper are green and black. Make sure you keep the Minecraft style in mind when you work with gray and black squares.




We’ve completed this drawing lesson on drawing mobs using Minecraft. If you’re interested in learning the art of drawing straight lines as well as the proper geometric shapes, check out the instruction on drawing the table

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