How to Draw Covid-19, Coronavirus

How to Draw Covid-19, Coronavirus

Step one:

Start by creating guidelines for the various cells that comprise the coronavirus.

Step two:

The next step is to make the eyeballs look like a floppy mess and ensure they resemble the brain. The lining of the eye should appear thick and scratchy. The dimples should be placed between the eyes, and then trace the stems to create spikes, which are rounded.

Step three:

Continue to draw the outline of the coronavirus that is large and bubbly. Sketch the spikes, then draw them with a thickly lined style. Include the detail to the spikes. Then draw those long, spiked teeth. Include details and definitions throughout.

Step four:

Next do the drawing of the bottom of the coronavirus that comprises the jaw. Draw the teeth with spikes. They must be gnarly and packed with bite force. The mouth should be shaded and draw the outline across the viral cell.

Step five:

We’ll draw the background that is made consisting of other cells floating around, as well as other coronavirus cells.

Step six:

The last step you need do is erase the errors and guidelines first. then add shading of the virus.

Step seven:

Here’s what your digital sketch will look like after you’re done. You are able to add color as you wish or keep it dark and gruesome.

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