How To Draw Corn -

How To Draw Corn

How To Draw Corn

Many people eat corn every day! You can make delicious popcorn with it, or add it to healthy salads.

The corn is the first thing that you need to consider. While it may seem simple, it is actually quite complex when you really look at it! This can make it a challenge to draw corn.

This is a difficult task that can be made easier by the right guide.

This step-by-step guide will help you draw this delicious vegetable.

How To Draw Corn Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Corn is composed of many smaller kernels that are attached to the central pillar. It is then encased with large floppy leaves.

This guide will cover all of these elements, but we’ll start with the leaves.

To show the location of this corn from the rest of your plant, you can begin by making a rounded base.

Next, we will extend some curves from the base to create the first side. The leaf will have some sharp edges at the top that are slightly bent.

You can then add line details to the leaf to give it more detail, and you’re ready for your next step.

2nd Step:

In the second step, we will begin on the body of corn drawing. This means that we will draw the kernels for corn.

It can be intimidating but not impossible! The outline of the corn’s body will be drawn first.

This can be done by drawing a rough line around the corn to outline the different kernels.

Refer to the reference image when you draw. This bumpy line will come to an end at a specific point as we will be drawing a Leaf there.

You can then draw rows of little soiree shapes that correspond to the individual kernels. For now, we’ll only draw half the corn. We’ll soon draw the rest.

3rd Step:

The third step in will have you drawing more rows of individual corn kernels.

You can do this by drawing more rows of the rounded squared shapes you created in step 1.

There should be two rows left at the end of this section. Refer to the image again to see where gaps should be.

4th Step:

You have one more row to add to your corn drawing, before we move on with the next two steps.

Now you know what to do! To make the last part of the kernels, draw another row of these squared shapes. These should be connected to the outline you created in step 2.

We will then be ready for the next step. So let’s get moving as soon as we can!

5th Step:

We will be completing the circle with this fifth step in our guide to drawing corn.

This means that we will draw the opposite side of the leaf, encasing it on the right-hand side. You can do this by repeating the steps from the first step. This will fill in any gaps.

You have now completed the entire corn once you’ve finished that leaf. You can add some details and elements to your corn before you move on.

You could draw a background to help you show other foods that you like with the corn. Are there other ideas you can think of?

6th Step:

This is the last part of Your corn drawing. Here we will finish it off with some color!

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