How to Draw Coral

Interesting Facts about Fire Coral

Fire coral can be found in shallow reefs that receive a lot sunlight. The flow of water can also affect the coral’s growth. The flow of water can also affect the coral’s growth.

Corals that thrive in strong currents may face difficulties if they are near reef edges. The coral can take many forms.

For example, in light currents it may grow long thin strands that form a lattice. Coral will form thick crusts when it is subject to strong currents.

Did you know?

  • This coral type prefers warmer waters, but it is not found in coral reefs off Hawaii.
  • The hollow tubes of fire coral store oxygen in the event that an animal bumps into them.
  • Coral is found mainly in the Indian Pacific, Atlantic and Atlantic Oceans.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors including cream, green or yellow.

They can capture prey as well as work with algae to gain nutrients. Reproduction in fire coral is like the way of jellyfish, where polyps are sent into the water in a cup like structure called ampullae. They will then become free-swimming larvae by being fertilized in water. The eggs will settle on the ground to form a new colony.

How to Draw Coral Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Draw a horizontal wavy line. Draw a straight line from one end and an angle that points upwards and inwards from the other end. These two lines can be connected by a curve that curves up or down to form several prongs.

How to Draw Coral

2nd Step:

To create more prongs, draw a curving line on one side of your main section.

How to Draw Coral

3rd Step:

Step 2 is repeated on the opposite side.

How to Draw Coral

4th Step:

You can add a few ovals to the main body part so it looks like it has gaps. Now you have drew a fire coral. It can be colored bright yellow. This creature is not coral. Coral belongs to the class Anthozoan. However, this creature belongs to the class Hydrozoa. Because it looks very much like coral, it gets its common name. Be careful! Fire coral can cause a burning sensation that can last for weeks. Fire coral relies on prey it captures and absorbs nutrients from the algae it shares a symbiotic relationship.

How to Draw Coral



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