How to Draw Cooler from Dragon Ball Z

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin by following the directions and the shapes you’ll create for the frame of your Cooler. Draw a circle around the head, and then draw guides on his face. Then sketch body guidelines for shoulders as well as the arms, torso legs, waist and feet.

Step 2
What I’d like you to do is draw out the pointed form that is Meta Cooler’s head in the manner you can see in this picture. Then begin to outline his shoulders. You can also create finger lines for the left hand of his.

Step 3
It’s almost finished. Make a shape at the center of his forehead. Then draw small horizontal lines along his forehead. then begin drawing out the muscles of his chest and arms as the image below. Draw the right hand and arm and then move to your next stage.

Step 4
It is clear that your doing an excellent job and I am sure that you’ll be delighted. What I would like you to do is complete the outline of Cooler’s arms. Then begin drawing the rest of the torso . You can after that, draw legs. I want you to define and detail the legs in this picture to make them appear more robust and bulky. Do not forget sketch a fin design near his forearm.

Step 5
Take off his legs and then draw funny-looking large toenails and toes all. Add definitions and details, then you can begin to remove some of the basic principles and shapes you no longer need.

Step 6
This is the last drawing step, and as it appears, you’ll draw the long and thick tail that Cooler is tying the body of his. After that, you will be able to erase the other basic shapes and principles you sketched in the first step to eliminate your Dragonball Z character you just have learned to draw.

Step 7
Here’s the complete guide of “how to draw Meta Cooler from Dragonball Z step by step”. Paint your DBZ character, and you’re finished. Do you see how simple it is? Come back next time for another drawing lesson here on here.

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