If we discover that you are interested in any subject We try to give you as many lessons as we can on it. This is what happened when we created the chibi drawing guide. We noticed that you love the characters from chibi and we created a brand new drawing lesson on the issue. Let’s begin instruction on drawing cool Chibi step-by-step!


Step 1

Similar to other drawing classes for chibi First, we sketch the approximate contours of the head and the torso. Chibi’s head must always be bigger than the body. In our instance, the tiny man was in a combat posture and turned his head. Due to this, the two figures appear to be an apostrophe.



Step 2

Another characteristic of the Chibi’s design is the shape of the legs. The legs of a chibi are made up of no joints. Furthermore, the feet and hands are smaller than the head. However, you can observe that the limbs appear to be proportional to the human body. In this case, the legs are spaced apart and create an arch. Arms are roughly at an angle with respect to the body.


Step 3

Let’s focus on the specifics of our chibi warrior’s look. There are a lot of new lines in this stage. If you break everything on a topographical foundation it will be easy to not get confused. Therefore, inside the contour of the head are drawn the eye contours which are like triangles. With the aid of lines that are short, we represent the eyebrows, mouth, and ears.

After we have completed the headwork We draw the outline of the hairs of our Shibi warrior.

As we play our characters we can see the contours of armor that look similar to feathers. Additionally, in our hands, we trace the contours of the blade. It appears to be two straight lines that connect each arm’s palms.

And in the leg region, We trace the contours of large samurai pants.


Step 4

So, we’ve got the basic details of our awesome warrior character. Now let’s focus on the final details on the face. In this stage, we’ll draw eyebrows and pupils. The placement of the pupils reveals the direction of the character’s eyes. In addition, we draw the auricle, as well as the final lines for the haircut.


Step 5

So, we’re nearing the end of our tutorial on drawing cool Chibi. Then, let’s repeat the actions for the torso as well as the arms of our Chibi. We sketch the specifics of the arms as well as the body. The primary particulars comprise the palms of our hands as well as the blade and shield of the sword as well as the folds of the cloth and the belt.


Step 6

To make your cool chibi fighter the most realistic and gorgeous appearance, you must include shadows. To do this, you must apply normal hatching and use it in the areas shown in the image below.

We hope you enjoy this lesson. Don’t forget to write to us if you encounter any issues drawing. It is particularly helpful to note the exact moment in which the problem occurred. We want your opinion as only this way can we move forward. We strive to provide the most effective drawing lessons for you.

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