How To Draw Cookie Monster

Sesame Street was introduced to the world in the year 1969 as an educational program. educational segments, which were shown in a humorous and entertaining manner.

Since its debut the show has been in high demand and features a myriad of people who have developed into famous for themselves.

The most famous of the character most well-known is Cookie Monster, and this Cookie Monster has millions of followers around the world!

How To Draw Cookie Monster Step-By-Step

1st Step:

In the first part of our step-by-step guide for drawing Cookie Monster, we will begin with Cookie Monster’s head as well as his facial features. Start in drawing two tiny circles on top of each other.

2nd Step:

Based on the name of his character, Cookie Monster loves cookies! This is why there is no Cookie Monster drawing would be complete without a cookie to delight in.

3rd Step:

The first arm is already drawn in this tutorial on drawing Cookie Monster, and in the next step, we’ll complete the second.

4th Step:

In this portion in your Cookie Monster drawing, we begin sketching his body to prepare you to draw the details to be drawn in the next step.

5th Step:

This part of this step of our tutorial on drawing Cookie Monster is all about creating his outline so that you are ready for coloring fun!

6th Step:

In this last step, we’ll color in the Cookie Monster drawing to finish it off beautifully. Cookie Monster has a lovely blue color scheme and that’s what we chose to use in our image reference.

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