How To Draw Cookie Monster Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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The first step in the Cookie Monster drawing tutorial, we’ll begin with his head and face. Start with drawing two circles adjacent to each the other.

Then, you can make a smaller circle within each circle to accommodate pupils. Then , we’ll use straight lines that are curved and sharp for the head’s contour to make it appear nice and hairy.

After you’ve drawn this outline, you’re able to add lines beneath it to mark the top of his head. Then, extend the contour downwards and upwards from the bottom of the head all the way to the top of the shoulders.

In the final step, we’ll sketch his smile. Draw another of the hairy lines to at the very top of his mouth, and then , add an elegant curve beneath it.

Step 2 – Now draw his first arm

Based on its name, Cookie Monster loves cookies! This is why it is not a Cookie Monster drawing is complete without a treat for him to take pleasure in.

We’ll first use feathers that you used to outline the head to draw his hands close to the top of his head.

The hand then holds the cookie which you will be able to draw using the help of a bumpy line. Make sure to add chocolate chips!

Step 3. Draw his second arm at this point.

You’ve already begun part one of this instructional about drawing Cookie Monster, and in this step 3 we’ll finish the remaining steps.

The arm will be extended from the base of your right shoulder. You can utilize the same rope that you’ve been using to create a furry effect.

The arm will curl up so that he can point to the chocolate chip he’s about devour! After you’ve drawn the arm in the same way as shown in our image of reference then you’re ready to move on to what’s next.

Step 4: Now draw the body of Cookie Monster.

In this section of the Cookie Monster drawing, we’ll begin drawing his body in order in preparation for the last details in the following step.

In the next drawing, we’ll be using this feather line again. In this way, draw two edges that are rounded of his stomach.

The first one extends down from the bottom on the left arm. It will also begin leading to his leg on the right.

The left side of his abdomen will be extended out from the left arm and be very round.

After the belly is drawn, complete the gap between the stomach and the arm for a complete arm that holds the cookie.

Then we’ll get to the finalization of the specifics in the following step!

Step 5 – Finish the Cookie Monster drawing

This step on how to sketch Cookie Monster will perfect his sketch and get you ready to color!

The primary purpose of this fifth stage will be finishing the leg’s curve. The legs of the man are tall and short. They are also quite big. The left leg will be elevated slightly to create a more lively posture. Because of the angles of this leg, we’ll draw the foot’s bottom.

We will then draw the second leg, which is the one in which the man will actually stand. Once you’ve drawn both the legs, you are able to include some additional particulars to make it more complete.

Sesame Street is full of vibrant characters, so maybe you could create wallpaper that features the characters from the show!

This is only an idea, but what else could you come up with to use this image for?

Step 6 – Finish Your Cookie Monster drawing with some colors

In this last step, we’ll color the Cookie Monster drawing to complete the picture nicely. Cookie Monster has a lovely blue color scheme, and this is exactly what we did with our original image.

Instead of a single solid blue, we’ve added several shades to create an aggressive appearance.

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