How To Draw Converse Shoes Step by Step

The essential step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

Here’s a drawing of the Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Stars breakout. In this sketch, I’ll highlight the features associated with Chucks. There’s for instance an embroidered double seam that shows the lace holes. the patch shows the reverse star and the long and high back construction.

Step 2

Let’s start. Draw a form that resembles the skateboard ramp you can see.

Step 3

Start sketching out the design of the Converse Chuck Taylor design concept as shown here When you’re finished be sure to provide the shoes with a round toe.

Step 4

Make a sketch of the patch on the threaded holes are positioned on. After that, you are able to make eyeholes followed by the laces. Make sure you take the time to do this process to ensure you have an excellent drawing.

Step 5

In this section, you’ll draw the lining which separates the material from the sole of the rubber. Once you’ve removed the sole made of rubber, you must remove the rubber slant area of the shoe’s toe. Next, draw a circular shape to be the sticker, the line should be drawn through the middle of the sole. Eliminate the lines and the designs you created in the first step, and should you wish, you could draw the star symbol, and draw the name of the company Converse All-Stars.

Step 6

What your sneakers will look like after when the Chuck is finished. Now, you are free to paint the shoe to suit your preferences. I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw Chucks.

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