The barbarians’ time has passed but they have left behind a lasting impression on myths and legends. The image of barbarians in many films, books, and games. The most well-known barbarian is obviously Conan the Barbarian, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a number of popular films. Today, in this drawing class on drawing Conan the Barbarian, we’ll draw him in the form of Schwarzenegger.

Step 1
In popular media, barbarians are seen as fierce warriors. This is the barbarian we’ll draw today. Begin with the head and outline it in the shape of an oval. Then we are required to draw the spine’s line. Along this straight line, draw the outline of the pelvis and chest. The legs and arms should be drawn using the most basic lines.

Step 2
In the previous step, we created the skeleton barbarians, and in this next step, we’ll need to add volume to the skeleton. Before drawing, we trace two lines over the top of the head to help to draw the features that make up the facial features. After that, we draw the outline of the broad torso that is that taper at the waist. Following that we draw the outline of the legs and arms with very basic geometric forms (such as cylinders and circles).

Step 3
We created the mannequin for Conan the Barbarian Let’s create it to look more like a human. In the beginning, we sketch out the outline of the features on the face. We also sketch out the bandage around the forehead, and then we draw long hair. Then, we go down a bit and draw out the bracers, the sword, and the outline of the shoes. We should also remember that in the initial three stages of this lesson we employed very light lines but from the next stage, we’ll utilize dark lines.

Step 4
It’s now time to sketch the last details for Conan the Barbarian. Let’s first draw the facial specifics. First, draw the eyes. Then draw the mouth and nose. Utilizing clear lines, draw the outline of the cheekbones and jaw. Then, move to the hair and draw the hair with long, slightly curly lines. Now, it is time to take away all unneeded lines from the face and then move on to the following step.

Step 5
A relatively simple step where we sketch the specifics of the body. However, we’ll begin with the neck and draw the neck muscles as illustrated in the illustration below. Then, draw carefully the massive pectoral muscles, and do not forget to draw those folds in the skin. Following that, we shift to the lower part of the body and draw abdominal cubes. On the neck, we create an amulet and move on towards the arm.

Step 6
We said that now is the time for arms. However, we won’t exercise them but draw them. With smooth and also clean lines, we trace out the deltoids of the triceps, biceps, and forearm muscles. On the arms, we draw out the lines of muscle. Following that, we must learn how to draw the blade. To master this skill, go to the tutorial about the art of drawing a sword with two hands.

Step 7
Below, we begin drawing out Legs that belong to Conan the Barbarian that is bigger than his arms. With the aid of long, smooth, and precise lines, we will draw quadriceps muscles, knee ligaments, and strong muscles of the calf. At the same time, it is necessary to draw a loincloth as well as fur shoes. Remove all guidelines that are not needed and move on to the final stage of sketching Conan The Barbarian.

Step 8
The sketch of Conan the barbarian is close to being completed, and we need to make it look more realistic by adding shadows. We can do this by using hatching. We use this technique throughout our drawing classes. It is simple to master. In reality, it’s a line of light close lines. You can also add a layer of hatching in order to darken the shadow.

This lesson about drawing Conan the Barbarian was extremely difficult, however, at the time of the lesson, we had a pretty real-looking drawing. Don’t forget what’s most crucial to do is practice. Draw Conan who is the Barbarian in various positions and from various perspectives. It’s also important to keep in mind that we have accounts on every social network which is why you should subscribe and post your feedback and thoughts.


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