Hey everyone and welcome to our drawing tutorial that will teach the viewers the art of drawing Colossus in the comic book X-Men. As you are aware, this is a character from the Marvel Comics universe. A Russian mutant is a member of the X-Men and the strongest one is physical.

Step 1
In spite of the fact that our superhero of the moment is not a mutant, he does have the skull of a common man. As with all lessons, we start with the head and draw it as an oval. Then sketch the spine using an easy line. Next, sketch the pelvis and chest. After that step, sketch out the legs and arms using simple lines.
Step 2
Let’s add a bit of “flesh” to our iron bogatyr. The first step is to sketch those lines that define facial harmony. Next, draw the neck and torso area, which narrows at the waist region. Following that, we draw arms in simple geometric designs. Then, we’ll go a little lower and draw the legs and pelvis.
Step 3
Let’s begin working on the details, or more precisely by drawing an image of the Colossus. In the horizontal line we traced from the previous step, we draw eyes that are frowning. Below, draw the nose along the vertical line, and then the mouth is right in the middle between the nose’s tip and the line of the chin.
Step 4
In this stage, we’ll complete drawing the colossus’s head. Draw the outline for the head. creating the skull’s line cheekbones, cheekbones, and chin. Then, draw lines of hair and ears. Create wrinkles on the face like in our illustration
and then move on to the next step.
Step 5
Let’s lower our steps and draw the torsos in our X-Men. By removing the additional guidelines of the previous two steps, draw the outline that makes up the body, the massive pectoral muscles as well as the abdominal lines as well as the line of costume.
Step 6
Continue to add specifics to the physique. Similar to the previous step, be careful when drawing out those lines that define arms and remove unnecessary guidelines. After that, draw out the lines of the muscles, costumes lines along the shoulders, and wrist bracers.
Step 7
In the final stage of the course on drawing Colossus, you draw the bottom half of your body. Similar to the previous step, sketch out the lines of the legs as well as the leg muscles. We erase the remaining guidelines. Then, draw out the wrinkles and boots on the boots and shorts.
Step 8
This is the final part of the lesson. How can I sketch Colossus from X-Men? It is a simple procedure in which we draw transverse lines on the open parts of our body.

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