How to Draw Cole from Ninjago Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Shaking Hands Step by Step

Step 1

It’s okay, this will be Cole in Ninjago. Start the guide by sketching the head’s outline and then outline it in the body guide and the face guide.

Step 2

Once you’ve drawn the outline, you’re able to begin sketching your outline of the head mask in ninja style which is included in the gi.

Step 3

You will now draw an opening in the mask so that it shows just the eyebrows and eyes. Drawing eyebrows can be extremely expressive and so is the color of the eyes.

Step 4

Then, draw Cole’s left or right arm beginning with the shoulder. The top of his mask is an X shape. This makes up the shoulder’s lining. Draw his hand and arm and then his cane. Incorporate the employee’s details into the handling section, and then go to the fifth step.

Step 5

Then trace the arm to the left first and later draw the rest of the body, which has the shape of the real Lego Ninjago figure.

Step 6

Include a waist detail to create a belt, and then pull the straps on either side.

Step 7

I sketched Cole in a ninja posture to enhance the excitement. You will now draw the feet and legs as well as their contours. After that you can draw the box on your right foot. The lining of his legs isn’t as smooth as his body. This is due to the fact that the ninja Gi’s pants are loose to allow for agility.

Step 8

Complete Cole in drawing his hands on the left and then draw every detail on the entire body. The lines that run between his legs as well as the donut-like design close to his crotch are all an integral part of the Lego model of the character. Clean up the drawing, freeing it from errors and instructions.

Step 9

This is Cole after you’re done. Color him, and then include Cole as a Ninjago persona to the drawing books you have. I hope you enjoyed it I also hope you submit your completed art work.

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