How to Draw Clover Bunny From Sofia the First

It is possible to refer to the simple step-by step drawing guide below.

How To Draw A Realistic Horse with Pencil

Step 1

Draw two circles One for the head, and the other to represent the body. You’ll then draw the face guidelines, as well as the guidelines for the limbs.

Step 2

With the facial guides draw Clover’s large rabbit eyes, as well as eye points. Then draw his mouth, nose and even his beard.

Step 3

In the third step, we’ll deal with Clover’s head as well as the bunny’s bushy ears. After that, add some fluffy stuffing to the chest and move to step 4.

Step 4

It is basically done with Clover following this step. It’s all it takes to create his front and rear feet and legs. The hind feet must be longer and larger in comparison to the feet on front. Make sure you know the toes.

Step 5

This is it, Clover is done. Remove the errors and the instructions and then draw a fluff line on his chest, and mark on his ears.

Step 6

It’s Clover of Sofia The First. Color him in to give some freshness to this classic chapter.

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