How To Draw Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII -

How To Draw Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

How To Draw Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw An Old Man Step by Step

Step 1

Make sure you choose your pencils. I used the HB pencil to do shading and sketching The 3H pencil was used for lines and highlights and the B pencil to draw dark lines along with the 3B pencil to draw shadows.

Step 2
Begin with a Sketch of Cloud. Follow the steps if you require.

Step 3
Your sketch should look like this.

Step 4
Begin to sketch out your sketch in a small way beginning with the facial aspects. Don’t stress too much about things being perfect. In the future, it will be much easier to rectify your mistakes. Be sure to sketch at a very light touch! Make use of the H pencil in place of an HB to get a smoother line.

Step 5
The hair is now defined in a bit more.

Step 6
Let’s now define his look in a bit more detail.

Step 7
Blend your shade with the blend stump.

Step 8
Begin adding shadows to the drawing from the top to the bottom. Use your HB and 3H pencils to do this. Utilize pencil B to make an even darker shade.

Step 9
Give your hair a little shine. Begin by drawing out the hair’s outline by darkening your background. Then , you can employ the 3H pencil to fill hairs.

Step 10
Finish the shading of your ear and hair.

Step 11
Cloud’s collar was layered during this process, but the most important thing to think about is drawing the background more precisely. Apply pencil layers using 3B and HB as well as blend stumps to smooth the base.

Step 12
Shade on the shoulder pad of his. Make use of a 3H pencil to draw the “Cloudy Wolf” icon. Utilize pencils B and 3B to draw on shoulder pads. Utilize a 3H or an HB pencil to create some texture.

Step 13
Make use of the HB pencil to stroke across the remainder of the fabric to create definition, and then get ready for your final coat of sparkle.

Step 14
Give another shine to the clothing. Then, you can use the pencils B and 3B in order to make your lines darker as well as shading.

Step 15
Make sure you have completed your shade. Go over the drawing again from the top to the bottom. Smooth the shading with the stump blend, then cover the lines that require to be redrawn. I hope that you guys with Final Fantasy fans will enjoy this tutorial as much I enjoyed it! Always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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