In this drawing tutorial, I’ll show the steps to draw close. This is much simpler than drawing normal eyes. eyes However in the comments you frequently asked questions about this tutorial. This is why I have created six easy steps that will ensure you get a great outcome.

Step 1

Then, draw two lines that intersect across the middle of your sheet of paper. This can be a good guide for the following steps. If you’re drawing any characters, then you should place these lines on the highest point of your face.


Step 2

Draw two straight arcs near below the vertical line. Take note of the distance between these arcs towards the center of the vertical line. Note that these are smooth lines with the least bend.


Step 3

Create eyebrow contours. You are able to choose the shape of your eyebrows according to your own preferences. Utilize the contours of the eyelids from the previous step to determine the best shape. The contours of the eye must be in line with the actual contours of your lids. Another method is drawing the nose contours. Draw with light strokes sleek lines that narrow down to the center.


Step 4

This is why we continue our tutorial on drawing closed eyes. Eliminate lines that are not needed, and attempt to determine the accuracy that you have drawn. Find any errors and rectify them. Verify the alignment of every line.


Step 5

Eyelashes are drawn. In general, women and girls have more long eyelashes than males, but this isn’t the only case. In any case, you can apply long, gentle curly lines to form the lashes you envision by imagining.


Step 6

Review all the lines once more. Additionally, eliminate all remaining lines that are not needed from earlier steps. Make sure that the final contours are in place so that the drawing appears over and is complete.


So, if you’re trying to sharpen your drawing skills Try drawing your eyes from different angles, different expressions, and eyelid positions. Additionally, you can add shadows that match different lighting conditions. This will improve your shadow drawing abilities and help you improve your drawing abilities generally.


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