How to Draw Closed, Closing & Squinted Anime Eyes

This brief tutorial explains how to create closed eyes, partially closed, and squinted manga or anime eyes with a front view.


Anime eyes closing and squinting

When drawing with closed or squinted eyes, it’s a good idea to examine the way eyes are shut generally.

How eyes close

As the eyes settle into an unwinded state, the eyelids move up towards the lower eyelid, while the lower eyelid is nearly staying in the same position.

As the eyes blink, the eyelids on the top and bottom shift towards one another.

To draw eyelashes:

How to Draw Anime Eyelashes Step by Step

Drawing Relaxed Closed Anime Eyes


Anime eyes closing

In the same way, when drawing the eyes of anime closing in a relaxed position draw the upper eyelid lower down. Leave the bottom eyelid where it is supposed to be.

When drawing your eyes when they are closed position draw the eyelids on the top, which is in the direction that the lower eyelid is when the eyes are opened.


Draw the upper lids of the eyes curving to one side when your eyes are closed, as opposed to when they’re open.

Anime eyelid closing positions

In the above illustration, you can clearly see the placement of the eyelids with respect to the iris when the eyes are closing.

Drawing Squinting Anime Eyes

Anime eyes squinting

When drawing anime eyes with squinting, draw the top of the eyelid lower down, while drawing the bottom eyelid higher than normal.

It is possible to draw the upper eyelid a little less curly and alter the curve of the lower eyelid so that it is exactly in line with the curvature of the upper eyelid.

For eyes that are fully closed just draw the eyes in an individual curve with the appearance of eyelashes. Draw the curvatures around the vertical middle region of the eyes, if they were closed.

Anime eyelid squinting positions

Similar to the earlier example, in this instance, you can see the placement of the eyelids with respect to the iris when the eyes are squinting.


This was a short tutorial but hopefully, it will give you some information about drawing closed and squinted eyes.

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