In our previous drawing lessons, we were taught ways to draw Peter Griffin and almost all of his closest friends. However, this series of lessons is not complete without a demonstration of drawing Cleveland Brown – the neighbor of the Griffin family and their most beloved friend of Peter.

Step 1
The first step we take is to outline the head and the torso of Cleveland by using two figures that resemble a pear-shaped apple.

Step 2
Then, using lighter lines, we sketch the legs and arms for our model.

Step 3
Utilizing two simple circles, draw the eyeballs of Cleveland Brown. We then draw the nose and then move to step four.

Step 4
Draw eyelids out and pupils. Then, draw the eyebrows that cover your eyes. Also, draw wrinkles beneath the eyes, and mustaches beneath the nose.

Step 5
Drawing with smooth lines drawing an erect chin and cheek. Then, draw a smiley mouth, and then move towards the sixth stage.

Step 6
An easy step where we draw the curly hairline and the ear using waves.

Step 7
In this drawing, we trace a line along the neck and outline of the body from Cleveland Brown.

Step 8
Drawing curved lines using curved lines creates arms and shoulders that are rounded in Cleveland. Draw palms and eliminate unnecessary lines.

Step 9
And the final part of this lesson is where we draw feet as well as footwear. In addition, we will eliminate all of the guidelines that remain.

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