Hello, dear readers! Today, we’ve prepared a drawing tutorial, which will teach you the drawing process of Thor from the group “The Avengers” from the Marvel Universe.

Thor from Marvel – a character well-known, his image was rooted in myths and legends of the past and modern comic artists from late in the 20th century. On our website, you may learn about drawing Thor and in that post, the artist used contemporary sketches drawn by David Finch. In this drawing class, we will teach the reader ways to draw the classic Thor.

Step 1
Similar to other drawing classes (for instance, Superman or Spider-Man) we begin with a stickman, the man made of lines that will help us understand the principal dimensions and position in the drawing.

First, draw an oval. This will assist us in drawing Thor’s head. Thor. By drawing a curving line, sketch the spine. The length of the spine is the same as two heads. Draw lines on the arms and shoulders, by drawing straight lines. Similar to drawing lines for the pelvis and legs.

Step 2
Draw out the perpendicular lines that make up the facial symmetry, which meets in the middle in the center of the face. The vertical line represents the eyes as well as the horizontal lines, show the central point on the face. Below the eye, line draw two lines that represent the mouth and nose. With two lines that curve, draw the wings of Thor’s head. Thor.

Begin adding volumes to the stickman. By drawing circles, you can draw out the elbows and shoulders. Utilizing cylinders, draw the arms like in the illustration below. Draw the outline of the body. Draw the outline of the hands and go on to the following step.

Step 3
Continue the drawing of Thor. Make the line of Thor’s helmet and then add feathers to the wings with short curving strokes. The upper portion of our body is now ready and we can add more volume to the lower part which is the leg. Draw out the triangular pelvis in our illustration. With modified cylinders, sketch the legs. Draw knees as circles. Draw the outline of the Hammer. For more information, go to the drawing lesson on drawing Mjolnir.

Step 4
Draw the outline of the cape using soft as well as loose lines. Be aware of the curvatures and folds on the cape. The basic shapes are in place then we begin making the final details. Like previous drawing classes, we begin by drawing the face. The horizontal lines of the face that we sketched in the second step make the eyes. Utilizing two long curved lines draws the eyebrows. Draw the mouth and nose using the lines drawn in the second step.

Step 5
In this step, we are done drawing the face of the powerful Thor. Remove the lines of the figure. Draw lines on the face, making them smooth and clean, like in our illustration. Attach the feathers to the wings of the helmet. Draw the strong cheekbones and jawline. With long, curved lines, draw hair.

Step 6
We’re now drawing the trunk as well as the nearest Arm to us. Let’s begin with the arms. Remove the auxiliary lines that aren’t needed and draw straight lines horizontally of the muscles that make up the powerful arms of Thor. Next, draw a few lines on the wrists to mark the bracer. Draw the fingers. Draw the components of the costume, as shown in our illustration. Include the folds and circles on the body. Make the belt sign and move into the following step.

Step 7
We will continue to draw the powerful Thor. This part will be easy. Remove the guidelines and then circle the lines of your hand. draw a few lines, which indicate bracer. With straight lines, create the Mjolnir. Draw the fingers and line on the handles of the hammer and then proceed to the next stage.

Step 8
The upper portion of Thor’s body Thor is complete In this stage, we are adding specifics to the bottom portion that makes up the lower part. Eliminate the rules of the legs. Mark the lines of the legs.

Include lines of muscles, like in the illustration below. Then draw the stripes of fabric over the shins as well as the specifics of the shoe around the knees.

Step 9
We now move on to the final step of the course on drawing classic Thor. In this step, we create the character’s cape. Remove the guidelines and any extra strokes of the cape. With smooth lines and clear lines, trace the forms on the cape.

Step 10
Then we move on to the final part of the lesson about how to draw the classic Thor. With two long lines, draw the outline of the Hammer. Begin adding shadows. Shadows are something we need to include in two steps – firstly drawing the outline of the shadows and then we paint them. To draw the shadows that are light employ hatching, like in our illustration.

We hope today’s drawing lesson has helped you learn to draw Thor from the Avengers.

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