Hello! We’ll be showing you how to draw the classic Iron Man. Tony Stark is today’s hero. He first appeared in comics in 1963. Stan Lee, Stan Lee’s creator, later admitted that the idea for creating such a character was already in place in 1939.

Iron Man is a well-known character in the Marvel Universe. He is also a member of the Avengers team, along with Captain America & Thor. Here’s the drawing tutorial. Scroll down to learn how to draw classic Iron Man.

Step 1
We start with a stickman as in the drawing tutorials. Man is made up of circles and sticks. Stickman had to draw the pose and position of today’s character. The head should be drawn in an oval shape. Next, sketch the torso, limbs, and neck using simple lines. All lines should be drawn lightly so that they can later be erased.

Step 2
This is where we add volume to the Iron Man figure. We start with the lines of your face. First, identify the vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry. Next, draw the outline of the torso. Draw a horizontal line on the torso, this will allow you to draw your pectorals. Next, draw the shoulders using circles. Draw the outline of arms and legs using figures similar to cylinders.

Step 3
This step is where we draw Iron Man’s helmet. Although it may appear that the helmet has too many lines, it actually isn’t. Draw a line for the mask’s face, similar to the letter M. Next, draw rectangles around the mouth and eyes. With simple lines, mark the parts protruding from the mask (forehead and cheekbones) Don’t forget to draw the ears and the line of the neck.

Step 4
This step adds details to the torso. The costume of Iron Man is very practical and can be used to replicate all body forms. We then draw the major muscles. Draw the semicircular elements of metal at the beginning o the deltoids. Draw the famous chest plate in the middle of the chest. Draw circular armor elements on each side. Draw the abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles using simple lines.

Step 5
This stage will see us draw the arms and legs of Iron Man. It seems like we are doing too many actions at this stage, but it is actually not. Next, draw the lines of muscles: deltoids and triceps. Next, draw the parts of the gloves that protect the forearms. As in the example, draw the fingers and knuckles. Use longitudinal lines to draw patterns on Iron Man’s forearms, hands, and feet. To make your drawing more precise, erase the guidelines.

Step 6
This step will draw Iron Man’s legs. However, first, draw horizontal lines in the groin. Draw the outline of the legs. These limbs should be physiologically correct and smooth. Mark the muscles of Iron Man’s legs with a few lines. The elements of the costume for Iron Man are located on the calf muscles. These elements are very similar to the ones we did in the previous stage. Draw the horizontal lines for Iron Man’s feet and shins, just like in the previous step.

Step 7
The shadows are the last step in the tutorial on how you can draw classic Iron Man. The imposition of shadows will actually be quite simple, as today’s Iron Man is a classic example of comic style. Comics use a lot of contrast and dark shadows. In today’s drawing tutorial, shadows should be applied in two steps. First, draw the shadow outline, then lightly click on the pencil and then paint over any shadows. This drawing lesson has a lot of complexity. The shadows should highlight the metallic glow of the Iron Man suit.

3DVKARTS artists used this drawing lesson to help them draw more complex and steeper.

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