How To Draw Cinderella Step by Step -

How To Draw Cinderella Step by Step

How To Draw Cinderella Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Let’s go over some of the basic steps to create an appropriate structure of your fairytale. Begin by creating a shape for the torso and head. then draw a guideline through to the mid-section of her body as this.

Step 2
Utilizing the circle that you sketched in step 1, begin drawing the face’s shape like the one below. After you’ve finished, you can begin to paint the hair. Begin with the voluminous bangs before you create the headband as well as the hair bun.

Step 3
The hair and head of Cinderella are drawn inwards. Continue by drawing out her face. Begin with the eyebrows, and then draw her beautiful eyes, and the eyeballs, lashes, then draw her mouth and nose. Do not forget to draw her lips.

Step 4
Then you can draw her neck, shoulders and head and then draw a line around her waist and torso. As you can see, Cinderella has a well-shaped waist. Make her sleeves puffy and draw her arms, elbows and gloves.

Step 5
The next step are going to sketch the petals which form part of the dress. As you see , the flaps are tacked around the waist. Then, draw a central stitch to create a beautiful design to the dress. Finally, create her collar.

Step 6
It’s now moment to sketch the bell-shaped form of her gorgeous and long Cinderella dress. As you can observe, it doesn’t slide down into place. Instead, it’s fluid and fluid. Her pleats in her dress ought to flow seamlessly when taken off.

Step 7
Continue to draw pleats on her skirt and then draw the bottom skirt that is ruffled she wears. Draw her feet and your glass slipper. Clean the drawing before preparing her to color.

Step 8
The line art seems to be stunning. Cinderella is now ready to color just as you see. I hope that you will enjoy coloring Cinderella.

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