How to Draw Christmas Ornaments Step by Step

You could use the simple step-by-step drawing tutorial below.

Step 1

A simple lesson you’ll be able to take away from this point now. Be aware that you are extremely in making your decorations. Begin with two circles and then add guides to guide the designs.

Step 2

Here you can sketch the designs you like or go through the process. The two ornaments for the tree have different designs as you can see. The left-hand side features curves that cover the entire form. The right side ornament is a random tree similar to the pattern that you can see here.

Step 3.

In the final drawing step you’ll draw the cap of crochet for your ornament’s top, and afterward draw your hooks. You can of course choose to draw the hooks the length you want. Create more designs or lines onto the ornament for the tree on the right side and then start erasing the basic shapes and principles that you sketched in the first step.

Step 4

After you’ve learned how to draw Christmas decorations step-by-step eventually, you’ll come up with a design similar to this one. Paint them, and then you’re finished. Congratulations to you everyone!

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