On 3dvkarts, you can find drawing lessons for almost every character from the show Family Guy. In this lesson on this famous family, we’ll show the viewers the steps you can sketch for Chris Griffin. The tutorials we provide on the characters from this, as well as other well-known animated series are extremely simple and broken down into a variety of simple steps that will ensure that any user of our website is able to master them, and this tutorial is no different.

Step 1
In the beginning, using only a few simple lines and light colors, sketch two figures that resemble eggs.

Step 2
Then, using the help of these lines, draw out the legs and arms of our persona.

Step 3
With the aid of two rounded lines, draw your eyes. The next step is to outline an elongated nose.

Step 4
Then draw caps on the head. In the eyes, we draw eyelids and eyes.

Step 5
In the lower half of the face, we make a mouthful and an ear-like chin.

Step 6
With the aid of straight lines that are slightly curled, draw hair out of beneath the cap.

Step 7
A simple part of the lesson on drawing Chris Griffin where we draw a chest with a rounded belly.

Step 8
This is slightly more challenging. We will need to draw large arms as well as on the back of the shirt.

Step 9
In the final step, draw the lower portion of the body, legs, and shoes. Make sure to draw the lines on your sneakers.

As we mentioned earlier, we have drawn almost all of the characters that are important to Family Guy and many other animated shows. All of these drawing lessons can be found on our page “Cartoons” or through the search function on our site. If you are unable to locate the lesson you were looking for on our website, contact us with the details and we’ll create the course for you.

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