Stereotyped policemen are present in every animated TV show, but one of the most humorous and fascinating ones is the Chief Wiggum in the Simpsons. In this drawing class, we’ll demonstrate the drawing process of Chief Wiggum. This lesson will be a bit different from the other lessons since we won’t follow the guidelines that apply to “dummy” and “stickman” In this lesson, we sketch the characters in a snap with clear and dark lines.

Step 1
Begin by drawing the eyes, putting them as 2 simple circular shapes. Then, draw an upside-down nose that is the shape of semicircles.

Step 2
Draw two eyes out of dots. Then draw the nostrils as well as the mouth as we have shown in our illustration.

Step 3
An extremely difficult task where we’ll have to sketch out the outline of the police cap.

Step 4
This will be more simple, and we’ll need to pull out curly hair as well as an ear.

Step 5
Then let’s go to the lower section of the head. Draw an open mouth that has teeth and a tongue.

Step 6
Then we go even further and carefully sketch out the lines of the collar and the short tie of the Chief.

Step 7
Then, using gentle lines, draw out the outline of the abdomen, shoulders, and arms.

Step 8
We will have to sketch out the outline of our hands. On one hand, we draw a donut, and on the second hand, we draw a cup filled with hot tea.

Step 9
An extremely difficult step which we need to draw the belt. On the belt, we sketch out the lines of the handcuffs, the holster, and the baton.

Step 10
Then we sketch the outline of the lower half of the torso and the pants that taper slightly.

Step 11
In the final section of this tutorial we draw the outline of the shoes worn by Chief Wiggum.

As we mentioned above This lesson is distinct from other drawing classes that focus on Simpson characters. Simpson characters. If you’re looking to learn how to draw the other characters from this fantastic series, you should check out this section “Cartoons” on the pages of 3dvkarts. To ensure that you won’t be left out of new lessons from us, follow our social media accounts and visit our website regularly.


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