How To Draw Chibiterasu || Cartoon Fox

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Let’s begin? Begin by drawing two forms that represent the head and another for the body, as the image below. Then, draw an outline of the face that is visible on the face.

Step 2
Now is the time to draw Chibiterasu’s head and facial structure. It’s as easy as making an arrow-like shape in the lower part on the facial structure. The right ear must go up , and once you’re finished, you can move onto step three.

Step 3
Draw intricate lines within the ear. Then, draw a small almond to Chibiterasu’s eye. Then, draw a tribal-like tattoo underneath each eye as the one below before moving onto step four.

Step 4
What you have to do is draw a sun-shaped symbol on your forehead in the same way and draw two dashes that look like lines on each end of the circle. Then draw the tiny nose, then , the mouth.

Step 5
Then, you can begin sketching the feet and front leg in the manner you can see in this picture as well as draw the chest, too.

Step 6
Continue drawing the remainder of your body in the form of the hind head, back and the legs behind. After that then you can begin creating your cerulean brush tip in front of the shoulder.

Step 7
To finish this drawing, draw a line around the bulging tail, and then draw two curls with the blue marker. Then, draw and color them along the tribal lines on the other part of your body. It is also possible to draw lines on your toes. Finally, go to step eight after erasing any lines and patterns you created in the first step.

Step 8
What your drawing will look like after you’re finished. The next thing to complete is coloring the game character and then move to the next lesson. I hope that you have loved learning to draw Chibiterasu It’s a engaging lesson to master.

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