We spoke to you recently about the beauty and beauty of ancient art. The article was about the beauty of a Greek ancient column. We have made another lesson on antiquity. As you can see, it will cover the drawing of Shibi Zeus.

Step 1

In the beginning, first, we draw a large head that is round and a smaller rectangular body. In between the neck, and body is an oblong circular. Be aware of the stark difference in the proportion of the body and head. body. These are characteristics of the style of drawing Chibi.




Step 2

Don’t forget that we are drawing in the God from the Thunderer. He is likely to be a formidable figure despite his attractive appearance, especially in Chibi style. Chibi. In this section, we’ll draw a powerful pose.



Step 3

We’ll include specifics so that our small man made of sticks and circles will appear like a formidable thunderer. It is possible in this style. We sketch the outline of a hairstyle, beard, and facial characteristics. To the left, we create five-finger sketches. Be aware of the size and position of the finger. On the right hand, we trace the outline for the lighting.



Step 4

In this section, we’ll draw Chibi’s eyes in great detail. There are huge pupils as well as glare. Make sure to highlight these points. It’s a very vibrant look. The curvature of the hair and beard must be drawn from the root to the edges.



Step 5

In this stage, we will draw the final contours for the legs and arms. Additionally, we will draw several lengthy, straight folds over the fabric.



Step 6

A little light shadow can be added. Shaded areas must be covered in subtle shading. The pupils should be stippled over using intense and detailed shading, using firm pressure on the pencil. Be particularly attentive to the appearance of glare. Glare must be left unpainted.


In spite of the fact that the characters from Chibi are adorable, however, we want our characters to be a bit intimidating and serious. We hope you get exactly that effect. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your favorite things and did not enjoy about our class.


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