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We decided that it was the perfect time to introduce the heroes from Overwatch. The game was just released and has quickly earned the attention of a lot of gamers. So this time we’ll show the players what to draw in Shibi Zenyatta step-by-step.

Step 1

Let’s begin drawing this frightening persona using regular geometric designs. The head is the shape of a round figure, with a sharp lower edge. Be aware of the proportion of the head’s size and the torso. You must portray the appearance of a massive head.




Step 2

In this stage, we’ll draw legs. Chibi style implies extremely small and disproportionate legs. Hands should be folded at an extremely sharp angle. The legs are near to your body.



Step 3

Add details. Draw the contours of the eye and hand holes. Also, you can also use an excellent technique to create creating the appearance of superpowers. Telekinesis is not a thing you can draw however, you can draw a variety of objects that hang in the air, using the figure. In this case, the objects are balls.



Step 4

Sketch the outline of the mask Zenyatta in great detail. Sketch the outline of the mask Zenyatta in fine detail. Create six holes situated in the forehead area. The holes are shaped like an equilateral triangle as you see. In this stage, we design the final version of the holes that will be used for the eyes.



Step 5

It is rare to see tiny details in the design in the design of the physique of Chibi. But, in this situation, we have to draw Zenyatta’s hands since they convey the gesture and pose of our character extremely well.



Step 6

Let’s create some shadows. This captivating and mysterious person should be slightly obscured. Shadows should be placed inside the eye holes. Also, you can see shadows that are on arms legs, and on balls that levitate. In this step, we draw the levitating balls. Make them as smooth and round as you can.


Do you love Overwatch characters? Maybe you like Chibi? Perhaps you love something but don’t like something else? Leave a comment in the comments section about the lessons you’d like to see on our website’s pages. We read each comment carefully. The concept behind each lesson comes through your feedback. We’re waiting for your feedback!


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