The games of the series Legend of Zelda are rightly believed as among the greatest in the game industry’s history. In the last lessons, we taught you the art of drawing Link as the main character of this amazing game series. Today, we will show you how to draw Zelda which is the one after whom the game was named.

Step 1
Let’s begin with Zelda’s head sketching it out in the shape of an arc. Then, on the top of her head draw two lines that intersect.

Step 2
Draw the outline of the arms, the torso and the long dress. Note that, for ease of drawing, we don’t draw legs.

Step 3
On the head, we sketch the outline of eyes, ears that are pointed as well as the crown and hair. In this process, we also draw extremely delicate lines.

Step 4
With clear and dark lines, carefully draw eyebrows, eyes, and a smiling mouth. lines drawn on cheeks.

Step 5
Then draw the outline of the hair, face, and crown. On pigtails, draw long strips like in our illustration.

Step 6
The process will be easy. We will draw the outline of the upper body as well as the hair that is behind Zelda.

Step 7
Now, draw the lower half of Zelda’s body. Simply draw the long dress like in our illustration.

As you can observe the lesson was incredibly simple, just like all of the other lessons that focus on cartoon characters on 3dvkarts. To learn how to draw these characters make sure to check out our “Anime” category on our website. We’re sure that you’ll be able to discover a lesson that is to your preferences there.

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