We’re not getting enough cartoon characters, aren’t we? We’re sure there aren’t enough. We enjoy drawing Chibi since it helps the students learn the art of drawing cartoon characters with unusual proportions and expressive facial features. Today, we have decided to make instructions on drawing the chibi Yuno Gasai. The character is from the manga Future Diary.


Step 1

Like Chibi’s other classes of drawing in Chibi, We will begin by drawing the shape of the torso and head. Chibi generally has a huge round head and a tiny body. This is a fact in the way you can see. The Head should be wider than the body twice.




Step 2

Let’s draw feet and hands. The proportion of the limbs must be equal in proportion to the body. However, in general, the limbs are small. The left hand must be bent at an angle of about 45 degrees.



Step 3

Draw the major characteristics that make up the Chibi Yuno Gasai. The first step is to draw large oval eyes. The eye’s height is the same as the distance from the head covered by hair. Lines that smooth indicate circles underneath the eyes and the mouth. At the same time draw the outline of a shorter dress.



Step 4

Add details. Beginning with this step we’ll draw only real and clear contours. Sketch the pupils in an oval. Make eyebrows with contours that are over hair. It’s true that it’s odd, but we’ve also thought about it. Then, we erased the extra lines off your head. Chibi Yuno Gasai.



Step 5

Let’s play with the clothes from our Chibi Yuno Gasai. Three bows can be seen which are between the pigtails and her chest. Draw it. After that, you should mark the folds of the skirt as well as the outline of the coat.



Step 6

Small areas of shadows are all we require to finish this tutorial on drawing Chibi Yuno Gasai. Shadows are best placed on the top of the braids as well as on the underside of the skirt.


We really enjoyed drawing cartoon characters. We love drawing chibi characters. This is the reason our site is always populated with these adorable characters. Did we not yet paint your favorite Chibi character? Don’t forget to leave praise about it.

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