Did you miss Chibi? We truly missed these hilarious characters. What about drawing these characters again? We have recently designed an illustration of a Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy team. We noticed that the drawing lesson was very well-liked after which we realized people love your Guardians of the Galaxy. We made a decision to develop a lesson on drawing Chibi Yonda step-by-step.

Step 1

If you’ve drawn Chibi during your lessons You have roughly outlined the sequence in which we draw these beautiful tiny males. Like always, we sketch the contours of an enormous head and a smaller body. Then, we make use of the narrow strip of neck to join the two figures.




Step 2

Draw the legs from Chibi Yondu. Chibi Yondu. You’re aware that the human anatomy of the classic does not reach Chibi’s body in any way. Thus, we draw regular rounded shapes instead of hands, and an array of circles instead of legs. In this particular section, we draw two lines that intersect. The eye line is extremely low. This is a different Chibi sketching feature.



Step 3

You are aware of the unique features of the look that characterize Yondu Udonta. We will now sketch these distinct aspects. Utilizing the lines of guideline from the previous step We draw the eyes. We all know that Chibi has big, eyes that are expressive. In the eyelids, draw an elongated dab. This is the mouth. In the upper part of our head, we make a hairstyle with a mohawk.



Step 4

Then, we move on to the final details of the chibi sketch. The first step is to circle the pupils, then add more eyelashes. Then, draw the eyebrows and a mouth that is small. It is important to note that in the style of Chibi, we,  rarely draw the nose. In this instance, it’s shown visually in the form of a dash.

Make a mohawk hairstyle in your ears, and then remove any unnecessary instructions from the Chibi Yondu head.



Step 5

Let’s draw a circle around your body in our Chibi Yondu. You must draw the details of the clothing legs, arms, and arms to make them clear and black. In addition, you can draw a circle around your Chibi Yondu drawing using ink or marker, which will make the drawing look more like comics.



Step 6

The model’s Yondu drawing is nearly done, but we need to give it a little more volume by creating shadows. Begin with the eyes. Paint the pupils using hatching and leaving tiny highlights. Then, using the aid of hatching, paint the shadows underneath the hairstyle. Cape at the side in the pant.


If you’re looking for more information about the chibi or lessons about the universe of Marvel, please do not forget to leave us your thoughts on this. Your development in the field of art of drawing is extremely crucial to us. We want you to become better every time you take a drawing lesson. Keep an eye out on!

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