Comics form a large aspect of the lives of the artists on And for the vast majority of the time, we draw comics specifically characters, villains, and heroes from a wide range of comics. There is a whole section named “Comics” on our site where we publish lots of drawings in the classic style of comics. Our readers frequently request us to demonstrate how to draw comic characters not just in the classic academic style, however, but also in a chibi style. So today, we decided to develop a tutorial on how to draw a chibi Yellowjacket.

Step 1

The most prominent characteristic of all chibis is their proportions, or more precisely the ratio between the heads and bodies. In the beginning, we’ll only mark the head with a large rounded shape as well as a tiny torso of a chibi Yellowjacket.



Step 2

Then, with the help of just a few lines, we draw the legs and arms. It is important to note that these proportions differ from those of a normal person due to the fact that the arms are larger than the legs, that is to give an appealing appearance.


Step 3

Let’s add some fundamental aspects to our model Yellowjacket drawing by using rough and light lines. Make an angular eye breathing apparatus, bee limbs that are behind the back.


Step 4

The sketch of the Yellowjacket in chibi is completed in the fourth step we’ll make clear and stunning lines. Utilizing these lines, we will draw the head and mask as the creators did.


Step 5

Then let’s try it again by using an actual Yellowjacket’s body. The trick is to trace the whole thing using clear comic lines. Then eliminate any guidelines that remain. Then create a detailed design over the body.


Step 6

For giving your Yellowjacket an even more voluminous and appealing appearance You will need to apply some shadows. To do this, you must employ classic hatching and apply it to the areas shown in the below figure.


Below, you can see six easy steps to show how to draw a chibi Yellowjacket. We created this lesson on the requests from our visitors. If you would also like us to teach an instructional video on what you’d like to learn how to draw, be sure to tell us about the subject.


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