In our recent drawing lessons, we demonstrated that you can draw principal characters of Marvel’s Marvel universe, including Iron Man and Spider-Man. In this lesson, we would like to explore the topic of comics from DC and have created a lesson on drawing Chibi Wonder Woman.

Step 1
To begin, sketch a rounded head, as depicted in our example. Then, draw the lines that cross and then proceed to step two.

Step 2
We now move a bit lower and sketch out the form of the torso as well as the limbs with the aid of lines that are light.

Step 3
We now need to create a drawing that resembles Wonder Woman. To do this, draw the outline of the hair eye, and the particulars in the outfit.

Step 4
Let’s get into the specifics on the face. With clear and dark lines, draw the eyes, nose, and lips.

Step 5
The next step is to draw out the outline of the face, diadem, and ears. Don’t forget to make sure to eliminate any unnecessary lines on the head.

Step 6
Wavy lines and long lines create hair as illustrated in the example.

Step 7
Move towards the torso of Wonder Woman. Draw the outline of the torso, incorporating all the details of the costume, and taking out any unnecessary lines.

Step 8
Draw the limbs as we did in the illustration and remove any unnecessary guidelines.

This is only one of the articles in an ongoing series of drawing lessons about characters from chibi. You can visit our category titled “Anime” where you will learn drawing lessons on the characters from Marvel, DC, and a range of characters from different series of manga and anime. Also, tell us what your top drawing lesson was.

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