We love comics, particularly Marvel Universe. For a while, we have begun drawing characters from the Marvel Universe using a chibi style. We’ve already created the chibi Spider-Man along with the chibi Iron Man, and this time we’re going to expand this theme with a tutorial in the art of drawing Chibi Venom.

Step 1
Let’s begin at the top of the head of the charming villain. Make it appear in the shape of a circle. Then draw two lines across the face.

Step 2
Then, using extremely light lines, draw the outline that defines the shape of Venom as we did in our illustration.

Step 3
Let’s look at the specifics that make up the design. Utilizing dark and sharp lines, draw the outline of the head with sharp teeth and sharp eyes.

Step 4
The easiest step of this drawing lesson is to remove any extra lines from the head, and then draw an extended tongue.

Step 5
This is the final stage in which we use our hands using sharp claws, the legs, and the torso from our Venom.

As you can see – the lesson on drawing the chibi Venom was incredibly easy. It could be one of the most straightforward drawing lessons available on our site. There are many lessons like this in the areas “Anime” and “For Beginners” In these sections, you will find a lesson suitable for your liking. In the near future, we’ll be drawing many more similar drawing lessons on various characters of chibi and not just. Keep an eye out for updates on our site and join us on social media.


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