How To Draw Chibi Tigger

How To Draw Chibi Tigger

Step one:

Create the two forms that you can see to represent the body and head. Draw the facial contours as well.

Step two:

Determine the design for your head as well as face such. In addition, you’ll have to draw the coin-shaped ears.

Step three:

Create the bumps for the upper and lower parts of the mouth/snout these.

Step four:

Details inside the ears Then draw the window shape, which the face will be drawn in the same way as eyes and nose.

Step five:

Paint two beautiful eyes and then draw eyebrows. Make the round part of the nose. Then draw the outline on the snout’s side.

Step six:

The next step is to begin drawing the hand, arm the chest, stomach and arm.

Step seven:

Draw Tigger’s feet and legs. Take note of the fact that he’s in a position that suggests that he’s ready to bounce.

Step eight:

Finish drawing the body of chibi Tigger by creating his long, thick tail.

Step nine:

Write down the stripes that cover Tigger’s body. This includes the face, head arms, legs, ears back and the tail. Remove any errors and mistakes that you’ve did.

Step ten:

It was as simple as it gets. This drawing is done on the chibi Tigger. You can have fun coloring the old man in.

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