We are in love with Marvel and the chibi and that’s why we draw a variety of diverse characters from Marvel’s Marvel Universe in chibi style. Today, we’ll demonstrate how to draw Thor in chibi.

Step 1
Sketch out your head for our Chibi Thor in the shape of an arc. Then, draw two lines that intersect like in our illustration.

Step 2
Sketch out the body and limbs of the Chibi Thor using very basic geometric shapes. Make use of lines that are almost transparent to sketch out the body of the god of lightning and thunder.

Step 3
Drawing with light lines, sketch the head, eyebrows eyes, and mouth on the head with light lines. Draw the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth on the. Then, draw the hand hammer in the palm along with the cloak and particulars that make up the outfit.

Step 4
Utilizing dark and clear lines, sketch the specifics of the face. Remove any unnecessary lines. Draw the eyes out and leave glares in them.

Step 5
You can now trace the outline of the famous helmet, as in the Chibi Thor sketch drawn by the artists from

Step 6
Let’s now move to the torso. Draw out the entire details of the costume, as shown in our illustration. Recreate the chest armor and draw seven circles at the top of the torso.

Step 7
Draw out the arm, the hammer inside the hand, and the legs. Then, at the end of the process, draw the outline of the cape. Then, remove the rest of the instructions from the Chibi Thor drawing.

This was a lesson on drawing Chibi Thor. Like every lesson was broken down into a handful of steps to make drawing the process of drawing the easiest and easiest to comprehend. We would be extremely thankful if you join our social media channels and give our drawing lessons to your circle of friends. We frequently (almost every day) release shorter variations of our drawing guidelines On our Twitter and Facebook pages, we post announcements about our drawing classes coming up.

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