One of the comic book characters that we have in the editors and artists of our website is Superman. Today, we’re going to teach you ways to draw the chibi Superman for those who are new to drawing.

Step 1
Begin starting with the head on the chibi Superman by drawing it as a circular or rectangular rounded square. Then, draw two lines in the center like in the illustration drawn by artists from

Step 2
Then we go a bit further back and draw the outline of the body and limbs in Superman in chibi Superman. Draw them using nearly transparent lines.

Step 3
By orienting the intersecting lines onto your head and drawing big eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. Draw the ears and hair. Draw the outline for the costumes.

Step 4
In this tutorial, we’ll draw Superman’s eyes in chibi. With dense lines, draw the eyes as well as the eyebrows, nose, and eyes. Paint the eyes and leave the pupils glaring.

Step 5
Draw the form of your face (it must be smooth). Then draw the ears. carefully draw the hair. The face we draw in our cartoon Superman drawing should be cute and adorable.

Step 6
Draw the torso and hands of our Chibi Superman. Draw the costume lines along with drawing Superman’s Superman emblem on the chest.

Step 7
The final step of the lesson on drawing the Superman chibi is that you draw the cape as well as the legs. It’s now time to draw an eraser. With it, we’ll erase all unneeded guidelines.

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