How To Draw Chibi Stormtrooper

How To Draw Chibi Stormtrooper

Step one:

Begin by drawing the design for the head shape of the Trooper. It should be the form of the front of your face too.Another word, it should be the entire head and the helmet.

Step three:

You can now draw the rim that runs across your forehead. The rim has three lines and after you’ve drawn it in , you can draw the shape of the eyes that are also goggles. The next step is to draw the ventilation portion of the mask, which is the area that soldiers breathe out from.

Step four:

Start drawing the small body. Start with the bubble chest shape and draw the waist area and the crotch which are pointed in form. Then design the utility belt as well.

Step five:

Then, draw the chibi Stormtrooper’s arms as well as legs. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to detail the suit. After you have completed the suit, you can begin to erase the mistakes and tidy up the drawing.

Step six:

You’re finished. Now , you can add colour before showing off the sketch you made on an model of a Stormtrooper in Star Wars.

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