The characters from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy have received a huge amount of attention. In one of the earlier drawing lessons, we taught the students ways to draw Rocket Raccoon – one of the main characters in the film and comics of identical names. Our readers had asked for a drawing chibi rendition of the character, as well as a chibi variant of Star-Lord, so we took a decision to start with the first lesson and develop the lesson on drawing Chibi Star-Lord.

Step 1
Begin by drawing the head. Draw it as an enormous, rounded shape. Then draw two lines that intersect around the head.

Step 2
Then we sketch the outline of a small torso as well as legs. Notice that the body of the chibi must be extremely small in comparison to the head.

Step 3
With light lines, sketch out the outline of the hairstyle as well as the mask for the head. Then sketch the outline of a dress and put a weapon in your hands.

Step 4
With the dark and clear lines carefully trace the outline of the mask as well as the specifics of the mask.

Step 5
Move up and draw the lines of the hair, as illustrated in the example.

Step 6
The final step is in which we draw the body’s outline and the other details of the body using both the use of dark and clear lines.

As you’ve noticed, the lesson on drawing the chibi Star-Lord was very easy, and for some reason, we think that all of our readers could handle it, regardless of levels of drawing proficiency. Perhaps the lesson was too easy and you’d prefer to be able to draw something more complex. There is a site on which you can find all the most famous characters from the most famous comics.

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