Today, we draw Spider-Man. It is evident that this isn’t your typical Spider-Man. It’s a chibi-style Spider-man and we’ll try to draw it.

Step 1
The first thing is to make ahead. The head looks like an air balloon.

Step 2
Then we draw the body. The body is a normal oval. Be aware that the length of the head is equal to the length of the body.

Step 3
It’s time for drawing arms and feet. You’ve probably noticed that these limbs aren’t equipped with articulated. Therefore, drawing this process is actually quite easy. The most important thing is not to confuse the dimensions.

Step 4
We basically repeat an earlier tutorial for Spider-Man’s draw-in tutorial (we refer to the original version rather than Chibi). In this section, we’ll draw the outline of the eyes in the mask.

Step 5
It is the final step part of our drawing lesson in which we explained and demonstrated the drawing process of a chibi Spider-Man. In the next step, we’ll draw an eye shape that is correct. We will also draw the web.

Step 6
The next step is the sketch of the web that will be drawn on the top of the costume. Alongside the design of the web, we’ll also be required to draw the logo of a spider across the chest.

Chibi Spider-Man is created. It’s just one of the drawing classes for Comic book characters. Explore them all and learn how to draw like an actual Comic book illustrator.

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