We’ve drawn some of the most well-known characters from the game’s universe, however, our visitors frequently request us to demonstrate the drawing process of a Chibi Mortal Kombat. We love the Ninjas of Mortal Kombat, we decided to teach you how to draw chibi the Scorpion.

Step 1

First step drawing your head as well as a torso in the shape of a circle as well as an oval. These actions must do now is draw very simple lines.



Step 2

Another important step is preparation. We have drawn the legs and arms of the Scorpion with very thin lines. As you will see, we’ve created a chibi-like style through the reality that the head of the character is large in comparison to the body is tiny.



Step 3

In the next step we sketched out what we call the “dummy” of the future of the ninja with the mighty power, and now it is time to transform this into Scorpion. To accomplish this it is necessary to sketch eyeballs, the outline of the mask that covers the head, and the typical ninja outfit over the entire body.



Step 4

Another distinctive feature that is characteristic of the style is the huge eyes on the characters. We carefully trace the eyes as well as all the hair of this character with sharp and dark lines, giving the Scorpio drawing a more refined appearance.



Step 5

Now let’s draw your body in our Chibi Ninja. It is important to draw the specifics of clothes, arms, and legs in a way that is transparent and dark. Also, you can draw a circle around your chibi-style Scorpion drawing using markers or ink that will make the drawing look more like comics.



Step 6

If you’ve done it right you’ll have a chibi-like Ninja drawing.


Mortal Kombat is one of the most famous and cool games around the globe. Over the past two decades, we’ve been throwing our game controllers in the air in an attempt to beat Motaro and Shao Kahn. While this is the most brutal, however, we think that even here, chibi versions of characters are acceptable. Do you want to see a game where all the characters from Mortal Kombat would be performed in the fashion of the chibi? Let us know via the comment section. You can also let us know if you enjoy the lesson on drawing the chibi scorpion and the drawing lessons you’d like to be able to see on the pages of

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