How To Draw Chibi R2-d2

How To Draw Chibi R2-d2

Step one:

Design the shapes and guide lines to frame the Chibi R2. This includes the circle as well as the oval circle shape.

Step two:

Draw the dome for the top of R2’s robot body. then draw the remainder of the design that resembles the shape of a soda bottle.

Step three:

You can now draw the arms along each side of your body as the following. Make sure you draw the arms’ bases in a square-like shape. Also, add the details.

Step four:

Design the detailing for the legs and the underbody of R2’s legs and underbody. After that you’re ready for following step.

Step five:

Then you can draw the forms that comprise R2 and R2. Create the block shape that houses his single solid colored eye. You can then draw the lines to create the grooves for his body too.

Step six:

Then create the spaces for the gadgets that make the details of R2-D2’s physique. R2-D2 is a robot, so create a look that resembles one. Make sure you erase any mistakes you have made any, and tidy up the drawing. Once you’ve finished, you should be left with a clean work of art.

Step seven:

You have it. My Chibi version of R2-D2. You can now color with this robotic character of Star Wars.

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