How to draw Chibi Princess Leia -

How to draw Chibi Princess Leia

How to draw Chibi Princess Leia

How to draw Chibi Princess Leia

Step 1:

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Step 2:

This will help you define Leia’s facial shape and draw her famous buns on either side of her head. For more detail and definition, add the swirl to your buns and you’re done.

Step 3:

First, add the part to her hairstyle and then draw large-shaped eyes. Add color to the pupils, then draw thick, bold eyelashes and lines. Finish by adding the eyebrows. You can also add blush marks to her face.

Step 4:

We can now draw Leia’s body in chibi fashion. Draw the collar, shoulders, and arms. Next draw the rest of the dress. Then, add the flare to the bottom and draw in the belt. After that, you can add the details and ruffles. Make sure to add the blaster’s hand, butt and feet.

Step 5:

You can finish her off by drawing the rest of her blaster, and then her other hand that is resting on her hip. You can then erase all mistakes and guidelines.

Step 6:

This is how princess leia will look as a chibi after you’re done. You can now color her in to complete her look.

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