How To Draw Chibi Piglet

How To Draw Chibi Piglet

Step one:

Begin with a big round for the face, and make a smaller circular form for the body of the chibi Piglet. Include the facial guidelines and then proceed to the next step.

Step two:

Start by drawing some of your head beginning with the floppy ear of Piglet. The over-sized or large ears should rest over his head.

Step three:

Draw out the form of the face of Piglet in the manner shown below. Once you’re done, proceed to the next step.

Step four:

Follow your facial guideline to draw tiny beady eyes. Color them in, and then sketch the eyes, nose smile eyelids and mouth.

Step five:

Draw the second ear. However, this time, the ear should be in a standing position.

Step six:

The shape of the chibi should be defined. Piglet’s body. Then add the arms with stubby ends that have a cone-like shape.

Step seven:

Draw with chibi Piglet’s legs as well as tiny feet as. Include foot padding and you’re done drawing Piglet’s chibi self.

Step eight:

Before you add the stripes, erase the mistakes and guidelines. After that, you can then add the stripes that run across the body.

Step nine:

All done. Color Piglet with a pretty pink shade to cap it completely. Great work people!

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