On our website, you will find an extensive selection of drawing classes on the various characters drawn in the Chibi style. Today, this collection of chibi-based lessons will be enhanced with a brand new article about drawing Chibi Natsu.

Step 1
In the tradition of the art, we begin by drawing the head of the chibi figure drawing it as a rounded form. On the top of the face, draw two lines that intersect.

Step 2
We are now sketching the torso of a tiny figure and tiny legs and arms. Note that the body is roughly the same size as the head.

Step 3
On the head, draw out hair, and outline the eyes, ears, and mouth. Next, sketch out the outline of your scarf. In the final step, draw the outline of the clothing.

Step 4
This is a straightforward process, where we’ll need to sketch out the outline of the hair in our case.

Step 5
Let’s move on closer to our Chibi. Draw the eyes as well as the pupils, eyebrows, eyes, and mouth. Then make a scarf and lines on it.

Step 6
Now, we’ll move up to the very top of your body, and sketch out the outline of the arms as well as the torso. Be sure to eliminate any unnecessary guidelines from the top of the body.

Step 7
The last step which you draw the outline of the clothes and legs like in the illustration and take out any other unnecessary guidelines.

As you’ll see the lesson today was very easy like every other drawing lesson from the chibi characters series. If you’re looking to master the other Chibi characters, make sure to go to our category called “Anime”. If this lesson is too easy for you, check out our other categories where you can discover more difficult drawing classes. In any case, make sure to go to whenever you can and join us on social media networks.

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