We love anime, as well. In one of our previous drawing lessons, we demonstrated to you how to draw Naruto. Today we’re going to demonstrate the art of drawing the chibi Naruto.

Step 1
The first thing to be aware of is that the proportions of characters in chibi are quite different than the ratios for normal anime characters. Therefore, we sketch Naruto’s face in the round form in our illustration. After that draw two lines that intersect on the face.

Step 2
Then, using thin lines, draw tiny bodies and legs. Note that the body of the chibi is roughly the same size as the head. Remember that we should use light lines for the initial steps.

Step 3
Now, we can use the same lines of light to draw an outline of the famous, angular haircut outline of the bandage around the head and the details on the facial features. On the body, draw out the outline of the clothing like in our illustration.

Step 4
It’s time to begin working on the final aspects. With clear and dark lines, meticulously draw the eyes large with the glare within the eyes. Then, draw the outline of the mouth, and face along with lines that outline the cheeks.

Step 5
We’ll now draw the hair details of Naruto the chibi. Utilizing black and clear lines, draw the hair’s outline as well as the bandage around the forehead and create patterns on the central part of the band sale.

Step 6
We’ll now look at the body of a chibi character named Naruto. Take care to draw the outline of the clothing as shown in our illustration. Be sure to draw lines that be straight and dark. Take out all guidelines that are unnecessary from the chibi illustration.

We truly hope that this lesson was helpful and informative for you. We made every effort to ensure that this course was simpler and more accessible to ensure that all of our readers can understand and create a beautiful illustration of Naruto in chibi. If you’re interested in learning how to sketch other cartoon characters or comics using the chibi style, check out the section “Anime” on our website. We will also be waiting for you on our social media channels where we post surveys as well as announcements of our upcoming lessons.

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