How To Draw Chibi Morty

How To Draw Chibi Morty

Step one:

Begin with a big circles for your head, and then draw a smaller circle to draw the body. It is then possible to add guidelines for the legs and face.

Step two:

Draw the exact shape of Morty’s face as you can see here. Next, draw the form of the head , which is and hairstyle. Make sure you include the shape of his tiny ears as well.

Step three:

Then, we will draw Morty’s eyes that will be huge and wide, and expressive. Once you’ve completed drawing the eyes , you are able to draw the mouth as well. Remember to draw your brows.

Step four:

Begin the body by drawing the sleeves and then draw the thin frail arm.

Step five:

Draw the second arm and hand and then draw the final shape to create the shirt.

Step six:

The only thing you need to do simply draw in the briefs, and then draw the legs that are small and feet. Make sure you erase the mistakes, and you’re done.

Step seven:

It’s over, guys. You can now color in Chibi Morty in the cartoon Rick Morty and Morty. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to tell me if you enjoyed this lesson. Make sure you comment whenever you have something you want to say or share with others so they will be able to find this lesson and also like or share your tutorial if you found it enjoyable.

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