In this drawing tutorial, we’ll teach the students ways to draw the chibi Monkey D. Luffy. You may have heard that Luffy is the primary character in the manga and the anime “One Piece”. Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hats Pirates. Luffy ate his share of the Devil’s Fruit, so he was a “rubber-man”, and because of this, his body could extend for a long distance.

Step 1
Always, we start at the top of the head. We first sketch out a head that is rounded and then draw two intersecting lines across the head.

Step 2
Then, draw the outline of the arms, torso, and legs as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 3
Incorporate the outlines of the hair with a smudge along with the famous hat, and particulars of your face. Draw the outline of the trousers and vest.

Step 4
With clear lines, draw the eyes that are round, a smiling mouth, a triangular nose, and eyebrows.

Step 5
Then draw the outline of the ears, face, and hair with a strong disheveled appearance. Make a straw hat, then proceed to step six.

Step 6
Now, let’s draw the upper part of our body. Draw out the waistcoat, the torso, and arms using straight and dark lines.

Step 7

Then, let’s draw some specifics on the lower portion and the lower part of your body. We need to draw the legs, pants, and shoes.

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